“James’ level of customer service sets him apart. The time he’s willing to spend with you on the phone or in person, sharing his experience and expert techniques are invaluable. He’s very knowledgeable; his skill with training, people, and communication make him unique in the business. He’s a committed and passionate up-and-comer . . . an emerging trainer in the area.”
-John E.

“I worked with James from step one, building the dog up from birth. During the training process, James invited me to come out for the sessions – making sure that I was trained in the process, too. He has an incredible way with dogs . . . he really understands how each dog operates. He’s able to use each one of their personalities to make important training decisions. After training my first dog with James, I noticed an explosive difference. Her progression after training was phenomenal. He’s worked with my dog countless times – I see something new, a spark lit, after each session she spends with James.”
-Josh L.

“We had just lost our lab. My husband wanted to get another dog before winter so he could spend time with it before hunting season. We were referred to the Kleves by someone else in the industry who suggested that their dogs would fit our specifications.

We talked about what we were looking for, then met with him to see a demonstration of Storm’s skills. We talked about her size and speed. I wasn’t as excited since I was looking for something more similar to our previous dog, however, my husband fell in love the instant he saw her. Although I’d wanted a replica of the dog we had before, I’m so glad that that didn’t happen. Storm is a sweetheart and a lover. When I was in and out of the hospital a few years ago, she didn’t leave my side. She was my support through it all and is a part of our family. She has that special instinct; she heads right toward those who are struggling to show them love and care.

She is the best of both worlds: she wants to sit on my lap and cuddle, and then my husband takes her out to the field and she’ll retrieve a bird. He did an incredible job with her hunting and obedience skills. I rarely use a leash with her when we walk. She’s incredibly good with our cats and gets along with our other dogs. He did a great job of not only training her but making sure that she found the right home.”
-Jacque B.

“From breeding standpoint, his dogs are second to none. As far as training goes, he’s a great trainer. He’s very good with any type of dog: whether it be pointers, setters, or retrievers. He’s worked with six of my dogs; I notice that they come back obedient, it’s almost like they calmed down. I’ve seen him take gun-shy dogs and turn them around, too. He’s taught me a lot about my dogs and has showed me how to train them as well. His knowledge of setters is way above average. Every dog I’ve gotten from him has been exceptional.”
-Cory N.

I’ve been working with dogs for 20 years. James is very, very accommodating as far as training goes. He broke my dog for me and helped get me involved with field training. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer . . .  I don’t think I could go to anyone else and get this type of training or results.

I got my current dog from James. She is the best dog I’ve ever had when it comes to the whole package. I had one season where she pointed on five different species. My dad also bought a dog from him; when we bought her as a started dog, James actually let us take her on a test drive. The dog sold herself to us that day. I think that says the most: that I’ve recommended that two friends and my father buy a dog from him. I wouldn’t do that unless  I totally trusted his process.

James is going to be the next big thing in training. He’s got a bright future.
-Ryan H.