Our Dogs


Outcast Stardust

DOB: 05.30.2016 / Weight: 45 lbs. / Color: W, B, T & TK / Pedigree

"Dusty," a leggy female, is the new cornerstone of our breeding program.  She is the complete package in every regard; stand-out intelligence is her defining trait.  She's the epitome of a high class bird dog. Stylish in her pursuit and high on both ends.

Outcast Bar None

DOB: 06.08.2014 / Weight: 40 lbs. / Color: W & LV / Pedigree

"Rio" is on the smaller side, but makes up for it by having a tenacious spirit.  This fast maturing female has always shown the utmost determination and honesty. She has a no-nonsense attitude in the field, coupled with an affectionate personality.

Outcast Memory Maker

DOB: 01.04.2018 / Weight: 40 lbs. / Color: W, B, T & TK / Pedigree

"Gracie" is a stylish, compact female.  A fun personality makes her a joy to be around.  Her fleet of foot gait and snappy tail keeps your attention while she merrily works between contacts with game.


Outcast Starburst

DOB: 09.07.2019 / Weight: 40 lbs. / Color: W, B, T & TK / Pedigree

"Piper" is a focus to the tasked bird dog.  Thorough in her search, her light footed stride gives her the endurance and stamina to never slow down her stylish search. 

Outcast Future Vision

DOB: 01.04.2018 / Weight: 40 lbs. / Color: W, B, T, & TK / Pedigree

"Viv" is strong, lean, and well-muscled.  She has a perfect tri-color mask with a clean white body, making her an eye-catcher in and out of the field. A natural instinct for pointing and handling game was evident very early on in training.  A sound physical and mental conformation gives her an easy flowing gait, coupled with a high running style.

Outcast Chantilly Lace

DOB: 06.26.2011 / Weight: 42 lbs. / Color: W, B, T & TK / Pedigree

"Lacey" is a sweetheart.  Her fun-loving nature makes her enjoyable to be around.  She’s an exciting athlete, with a strong, lofty gait. Versatile on many species of birds, she excels when it comes to honesty and handling.


Outcast Triple Vision

DOB: 01.04.2018 / Weight: 50 lbs. / Color: W, B, T, & TK  / Pedigree

"Trip" is the result of generations and years worth of breeding and work.  Like his namesake, Outcast Houston's Vision, he exhibits many of the same characteristics of his grandfather.  A high head and cracking tail makes him an eye-catcher.  His driven pursuit to find game is made easy by his light footed gait.  Trip is available for stud service, contact us for more information.

Outcast Houston's Vision

DOB: 02.17.2006 / Weight: 53 lbs. / Color: W, B, T, & TK /  Pedigree

"Smoke" is our foundation stud dog and his influence is felt throughout the kennel.  Smoke is one of the best athletes we've ever seen, with an attitude of never ending desire and an immeasurable amount of heart.  As determined as he is in the field, they do not make a better house dog. Frozen semen available on a limited basis; contact for more information.